Run Your Life

How to RUN Your Own SEO Agency


Get a domain or actually you don’t need one straight away just go to Warrior Forum or Twitter or Facebook do everything you can to find clients. This should be plenty.

Don’t over complicated anything.

Offer one service priced around $99

Use Canva and do something simple like a flyer style design –

You will do as many keywords as they want its simple and most website owners don’t have clue what they need.

Tools you’ll need: (the monster you’ll need to learn to use it here) it will do everything for you on autopilot once you get good at using it. (use this when you can get a site – give them a script it works well). (use this to keeping track of everything). $39 monthly.

You will need some proxies if you use software and this guy provides a High End Product. (great for all your social signals). – catch all emails needed again for the software I recommend you use. – need $20-$40 VPS (might need paid) (needed for emails or facebook accounts) (send some traffic to a site to build up some Google score) (needed for software) (every website needs some social love)

But all of these to use for your clients sites.
Learn from theseguys how to use GSA SER. I could write my own but they do an Amazing Job of how to use it and set it up correctly.

Updates will happen on this post as I find better tools or strategies.

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