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How I Make Money with BetAngel – Year 2017


Strange how things work out and you end up testing a new way to make money online.

Since 2010 my SEO income has disappeared slowly before my eyes. I could work harder at getting clients but I cant seem to motivate myself to do so. Leads I hate but converting the client I can do well and ranking websites. Before you think it, yes I have ranked my own websites again things are just tougher/take more time now – to be honest I don’t have the patience to wait for rankings unless I am being paid to do so for a customer.

Online moves so quick I want instant gratification on anything I try – I can test a make money idea at 10am and have so much information on by 3pm that come 9pm I may have built a website or automated a procedure or even made money. If this happens and I havent spent much I may leave this idea to run or kill it within that day.

I am not a gambler and am not addicted to losing sorry but gamblers dont WIN or make a sustainable income. I used to have a little Saturday crazy accumulator bet which some people would laugh at with odds of 200,000/1 chance of coming in. I would bet wins on 20 x UK football teams to WIN outright.

At 0.05p with a chance of winning 250k I do it to test my best so gar is 13 wins from 20 —- For fun I will do a video on this soon to add to this post.

This all lead me to find BetAngel Software after testing Match Betting (another story post coming on that soon)

(rambling on sorry) – I wanted to build a picture around the reason I test ideas/strategies mostly for myself to revisit one day.

\\How I make money with BetAngel// (I write this and I am still using the demo 7 day trial)

The best way to do this is in screen shots for now then maybe a Video later.

Step 1:
I first watched around 20 of Peter Webbs Videos to get me comfortable with the software and the basics.

Step 2:
Traded Horse Racing using small funds straight away.

Step 3:
Tweaked the software to suit me then tested larger stakes.

Step 4.
Find a strategy that can be sustained overtime.


When I posted this I was using BetAngel because I haven’t used it since due to not being able to afford the monthly subscription I have forgotten what I did.

I will update this post when I use it again.

I was enjoying it but you need a decent bank roll to turn it into a sustainable business.

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