Run Your Life

BRAIN and Chill

You need this in your life it helps chill and relax the mind I use it alot and especially the quick 15 min naps. I always awake feeling refreshed ready to go again if I am working.

Also the concentration which I need alot as I am bad at staying focused.


Start a Domain Selling Business


Honestly this is so easy to start a business selling domains a 10 year old could do this stuff.

Look for trends in domains just google trends then buy up some cheap domains like the £3 ones.

Grab a domain like BuyBestDomains or something like BuyHOTDomains

Install wordpress on your host then install this plugin and add the domains in.

Hardest part is traffic so go and start posting on forums you are new to this and need to sell some domains you own if you have some cash use Bing and put some ads up.


How to delete your Skype Account


It cannot be completely removed Ughhh..WTF Not?

But here is how you do it –

This is for a art of my UnHook idea from the Web Digital Detox book which I may or may not write.



I don’t Buy Anymore…


I hate buying now. After a realisation that I don’t need things or cars or  phones or more clothes.

Marketers sell to us (I guess I could be classed as a marketer) and society has a deep trigger mechanism to keep buying things they don’t need but want.

The world isn’t ready to not buy but in the future this will happen.

The millennials are going to make that landscape change and are already.

I’m 90s Kid so I loved buying shit but a few years ago realised what the Fuck am I doing.

I’m wasting money on shit I don’t need.

Once you come to this realisation your life changes for the better believe me.

We need the boring but essential for our survival and these are them:

1. Water

2. Food

3. Shelter

4. Love

The above people just think is a normal part of ever day life and they take this for granted.

We created things and stuff but instead of maybe trading items we created money which is used to buy this stuff.

I think we won’t need money in the future and this make for a better world.

Money still equals so much greed and deaths.

So there you have it – my point right now is stop consuming and start doing and making/creating.

You’ll save money which we still need to survive currently and you’ll be happier 😀

The things I use my money to spend on:

1. Coffee and food/fruit/veg for juicing

2. Fuel for car *I want to stop but sometimes we need a car

3. Spa because I want a Sauna for health reasons

4. Mobile 4G Internet

5. Hosting yearly

That’s it.

I don’t buy clothes or shoes I keep my stuff for years and then when I absolutely have too I buy something cheaply and because of this usually end up with bargains.

The Orchid Shop – Year 2001


My first idea and plan for wealth.

Exclusive Orchids.

Importing orchid flowers from Holland and selling them for a larger markup due to the fact they have a larger perceived value than any other plant.

Luckily due to family connections I had the perfect opportunity with direct contacts with orchid growers so it made buying them simple. The harder part was logistics but again this all came together easily after some research.

Found the shop for £500 month good foot fall and walk-through due to being a small arcade full of small shops and a cafe so I got immediate customers with little marketing.

Price per orchid – £4-5

Margin – £12

Bigger Margin with added extra upsell with glass and moss dressing the Orchid in a large vase with moss stones. Pricing from £50 to £100.

The business lasted 2 years did ok ish gave me an insight into the local market and what I wanted next in this time I started to learn Dreamweaver a web building software. This would take me into my next business. Also I was becoming good at selling on eBay at this point.

Note: plan was for more shops in the UK (maybe I will do this again one day)